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About Starving No More

We created this website in order to help the children from the low socioeconomic status households to receive education
Our mission: To solve worldwide educational issues faced by children from low socioeconomic status households, allowing them to go to school everyday with no burden

Founder of Starving No More
Robin Chou

While backpacking in Nepal in 2000, Robin, founder of the Starving No More, saw children in rural areas working in farms instead of studying in school due to living constraints. Children deprived of education are helpless to get themselves out of the vicious cycle of poverty. With the issue of children dropping out from school engraved deeply in his heart, Robin set about creating this NGO. Now, with the development of 3G internet, which extends to every corner of countryside, we are able to communicate with and deliver aid to these children and schools.

Why we want to build starvingnomore.org

Starving No More, a fundraising platform for underprivileged children

We began planning this platform in 2012 so as to effectively solve the children’s household conditions and allow them to pursue education with peace of mind. In 2013, we had a soft launch of a small-scale educational aid plan in Cambodia and received remarkable results and progress. Since then, we began working on this website. The slow progress of the website development was due to the obstacles that faced by the founder, who is a novice programmer seeking help from professionals. With the unwavering effort and the involvement of volunteers, the website finally came online in February 2017. It is our hope that more underprivileged children can benefit from this platform.

The core value of Starving No More

We help children from poverty-stricken households return to school, in order to build a world without poverty and hunger.

The belief of Starving No More

We insist on a completely transparent donation process and work together with the public to monitor and support it.
With the establishment of website, education model and the children's sponsorship page, the children also need your words of encouragement.
Showing your concerns in the children’s message board will provide them the opportunity to have computer literacy.,.

The attendance record shows whether the children reports to school. Check the allocation of scholarship.
Empower the children by lending them a helping hand. The barriers of education can be eliminated with the sponsorship.

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